Artists are very much like shamans, providing some insight into another world through their gifts of magic; whether it be fine art, music or literature. If one is an artist; one is an artist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I am an artist.

Everything I have experienced and continue to experience contributes to my creative evolvement. As a painter, I perpetually strive to produce a synergistic presence, usually as paint on a canvas rectangle—something greater than the sum of its parts. At its most successful a seemingly magical power holds a viewer’s attention and transports them—truly altering the deep soul of their unconscious.

When I am painting and totally in “the zone,” the experience is akin to a shamanistic dance. I have been doing my dance solo, in relative isolation for many years. Now I want to emerge and share what I have learned, to teach others how to “dance” in their own “zones.”

I feel the best way I can contribute to the human race is to create art; to express my artistic vision, so that I might transport myself and others out of our homogenized day to day existence.


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